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Data Science

I am trained in quantitative data science and fluent in numerous coding languages and statistical programs. I also served as a data scientist for the Claude Pepper Institute from 2011-2012. A list of my skills and programs with which I am fluent is presented below.

A list of my published research is available on the Research page.


  • Multivariate regression analysis

  • Survey Design

  • Experimental Design

  • Data Collection

  • A/B Testing

  • Game Theory

  • Econometrics

  • Data visualization

  • Research design and writing

  • Machine learning


  • R

    • Tidyverse

    • GGplot

    • Markdown

  • Python

    • Numpy

    • Pandas

    • SciKit-Learn

    • Matplotlib

  • SQL

  • SAS

  • Tableau

  • QGIS

  • Alteryx

  • Stata

  • MS Office Suite

data visualization examples


  • Movie sample breakdown

  • Success rate of torture in movies, broken down by movie rating

  • Types of torture in movies, broken down by perpetrator

  • Characteristics of torture scenes, broken down by perpetrator

  • Torture scenes per movie

  • Visualization from "Are you going to convict Jack Bauer?" (forthcoming)

  • Pre- and post-test comparisons of support for torture, separated by scene type and movie rating

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