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Since 2016, I have been an Assistant Professor and Director of Global Studies at Gardner-Webb University. Below is a list of courses I have taught at the university level, as well as various awards, duties, and a linked document containing student evaluations. In time, I hope to store syllabi and teaching materials here.

My teaching philosophy is built around my unshakeable faith in our students. I challenge them to tackle high-level work because they're capable of it. I'm honest and forthright with them at all times not only because they deserve it, but because it enhances student buy-in. I make my courses approachable to students from any background, often eschewing discipline-specific jargon in favor of a layman's focus on concept learning. Jargon is learned organically over time, and more approachable courses enhance student engagement and excitement for the subject. Finally, I try to keep things enjoyable because despite the seriousness of our subject matter, science can and should be fun.

Teaching Statement

Teaching Evaluations

Example Assignments

Courses Taught

international relations

  • American Foreign Policy

  • Global Understanding

  • Human Rights

  • International Conflict and Security

  • International Organizations

  • International Political Economy

  • Introduction to International Relations

  • Terrorism

comparative politics

  • Asian Politics

  • Civil Wars

  • Comparative Political Economy

  • Comparative Politics

  • Latin American Politics

  • Political Violence

  • Politics of the Developing World

methodology, etc

  • Applications of Political Science

  • Introduction to Political Science

  • Life of the Scholar

  • Research Design

  • Summer Scholars

  • Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program



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  • Datta, Monti, Casey Delehanty and David Yamanishi.

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            Science and Politics.


  • 2020 President's Early Career Award, Gardner-Webb University

  • 2020 Teaching and Advising Award, Gardner-Webb University

  • Graduate Student Teacher of the Year, 2015. Florida State University Political Science Department

  • Finalist, Martin Luther King, Jr. Distinguished Service Award, Florida State University

  • Graduate Student Teacher of the Year, 2014. Florida State University Political Science Department

  • Associate, Program for Instructional Excellence (PIE) at Florida State University, 2014-2015.

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