My research agenda is broad; I chase down quality research questions, wherever it takes me. Generally, I am a peace scientist focused on the violation and protection of human rights, especially within developed democracies. In my work on American policing, I investigate the structural policy elements that produce violations by armed agents of the state against its citizens. In my work on media representations of violence, I investigate the construction of public narratives that excuse, justify, and obfuscate human rights violations in democratic states.


  • Delehanty, Casey and Erin Kearns. 2020. "Wait, there's torture in Zootopia? Examining the prevalence of torture in                 popular movies." Forthcoming in PS: Political Science and Politics

  • Delehanty, Casey, Jack Mewhirter, Ryan M. Welch and Jason Wilks. 2017. "Militarization and police violence: The case of the

          1033 program." Research and Politics. (link)

research featured in

  • Washington Post. 2017. "Does military equipment lead police officers to be more violent? We did the research." (link)

  • The Economist. 2017. "The rhetorical power of 'support our troops.'"(link)

  • Slate. 2017. "Schools and airports prohibit open carry. Can protest zones do the same? (link)

  • Newsweek. 2017. "Sessions giving military equipment to the cops will lead to more violence." (link)

  • Salon. 2018. "We now have a terrifying, militarized law enforcement system." (link)

conference presentations

  • Delehanty, Casey and Erin. M. Kearns. 2019. "Wait, there's torture in Zootopia? Examining the prevalence of torture in popular

           films." Presented at the Midwest Political Science Association Conference, 2019.

  • Delehanty, Casey. "Salience of threat: the effects of dissident violence and ethnic diversity on internal displacement." Presented at

           the Midwest Political Science Association Conference, 2013.

  • Delehanty, Casey. "The logic of internal displacement in civil war." Presented at the International Studies Association Conference,


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